I have always loved watercolors. As a child I did some wonderful work in this medium. In art school at the University of the Arts I studied with J. Kirk Merrick, Benjamin Eisenstat and Albert Gold. I became a signature member of the Philadelphia Watercolor Society and have exhibited in many shows.

In art school I worked with traditional realistic watercolors but when I graduated I started to do abstract work. I was not satisfied with the realistic approach even though the results were wonderful. My first abstract watercolor won the divided Harrison Memorial Award in the Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts show.

I was then off on a journey of wonderful circus themes, ancient carnivals and started to add collage work, crayon and pastels to the watercolors.

My love for watercolors expanded into the woodblock color prints. After cutting the blocks I painted on the wood and printed the result. I used Eastern and Western methods of color printing; Easterns using watercolor paints, and Western using oils.